General: Watch Me Goooo!

Over the next few days, I'll be designing the new layout for the website and adding content as well. Also.. I've been thinking about opening a small shop, for small designs that aren't so time-consuming. What do you guys think? I'll be sending everyone early Memeorial Day gifts, so I don't forget like I did for Easter. haha 


In the meantime, check out the messageboard I created. It's just for those who don't really have anything else to do, stop through and meet new people.. or even get help with your graphic/web design skills! I'll be posting all of my latest designs there, so I hope to see you all there! The link is located in the sidebar of the website under "Network".


- Toodles!

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Posted on 2023-05-22 22:02:20 UTC

General: Happy Fri-YAY!



We've officially made it to the weekend.. and damn it feels good! I was feeling really spunky and in the designing mood, having made an iPad home/lock screen for my sister, and a wallpaper for my laptop. Above is the desktop (duh), below is the iPad design. Maybe I should start making these? I'm tryna be as hands-on as possible, trying out different corners with this web design stuff.




Let me know what you guys think! Also, I'll be blogging from my Sims4, so for anyone who's also an avid simmer and would like to be friends, le tme know your gamer tag. Oh, before I forget! It's pretty late but- Happy Easter! Makes no sense to send these out now since Easter was literally a week ago- but you love me all the same! Chao-


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Posted on 2023-04-15 00:32:05 UTC

General: Welcome to 2023!


Welcome to 2023 Fam!!!


It has indeed been a long, and rather stressful road.. but we are here! Everyone's a year older, a year wiser, and just  bit crazier given the recent tragedies we've faced during the pandemic. But I'm hoping that everyones doing well? For a while I wasn't feel into  bit of a dark hole, having to find a balance with everything that was going on around me. But I've finally made it out, and slowly finding my way back to the things that kept me going. For starters, I stopped paying on the LOVEDUST.ORG domain. So after about a year hiatus, I decided to renew my domain in which I was only paying $10 for. Guess how much they wanted me to pay? $3000! The audacity.. but luckily my girl Karmen came through in the clutch, and looked out with the free hosting, and I've changed the link from .ORG to .US. I'm still here you guys!


Has anyone heard of No Rome? So I've been trying to get back into my anime kick, and remember about 2-3 years ago of a song I'd heard while vacationing in Miami with then friends. We were taking an uber to Ocean Drive, and the driver was of course looked to be of asian decent. But this song he was playing through his phone was really nice and calming. The song was called Seventeen by No Rome. My friends didn't think much of the song, or the driver for that fact, that happed to be fine as hell. But I asked him about the song, and he told me a few things about the artist, that just so happened to be his cousin. So of course he asked me to support, and you know I did! But he has only released one EP? I've been waiting for more music since 2019. You guys should check him out if you haven't done so, he's pretty dope.



So what's everyone been up to? What's the latest online beef? I'm looking to really get back into designing. Meanwhile, I've decided to open a little free fall community for everyone to come and chill. The link is located in the sidebar, under "NETWORK". It's just a small message board for everyone to link up, make friends and discuss whatever is under the sun. I'll also be posting new graphics and layouts on there for free to download. Instead of posting them on the website, in which I hope to eventully start selling them. But again, I'm just getting back into the swing of things so let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Looking forward to chatting with you all!


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Posted on 2023-03-27 01:54:15 UTC